Markiplier Art! Part 1 of my favorite YouTube gamers~

So, I’m starting a new miniseries of quick digital paintings of my favorite YouTubers! I will be including Pewdiepie and Jacksepticye as well, but let me know if you have any suggestions! If you haven’t seen markiplier’s channel yet, he does gaming and sketch comedy, and raises tons of money for charity. This guy is a huge inspiration to me, and such a cutie too! :D

Markiplier’s YouTube:


Cute Little Doctor Who Art :)

So, I couldn’t sleep last night and ended up staying awake til 3 am working on this! Sometimes I just feel the need to draw something cute, so I present to you two of my favorite Doctors :D

Chibi Doctor Who

Monsters Within Me

New personal little art project! Made digitally in Photoshop with a Wacom Tablet~

Monsters Within Me

Xenomorph Alien Queen Sculpt!

My Alien Queen sculpture is finally finished! Started with a wire and aluminum foil armature nailed to a wooden base. The bulk of this is Super Sculpey with Super Sculpey Firm for the hands and spikes (for more durability). Then, she gets a paint job with acrylic paint and enamels, and finally a glossy topcoat. Amount of time: WAAAY too long! :P

Xenomorph Alien Queen Sculpt

Doctor Who Artwork!!

Newest Doctor Who piece finally finished!!! Will be available in 12″x16″ prints on our Etsy page soon! Done in Photoshop, about 25+ hours.

Doctor Who

Character concept work for a new boardgame!

We have recently partnered with ‘Just Game’ to design characters and concept work for their Board game! So this is a breakdown of how we do concept work for characters!

1. Start out with various sketches in different clothing.
2. Render chosen character.
3. Final details added and inked linework is complete.
4. Base colors (no shading)
5. Finished piece!

Gnome process

Alien Queen Concept

Sketch for my most detailed sculpture yet! Not sure yet if I want to do a bust or full-body yet. And yes, this is the Alien Queen from “Aliens”. One of my favorite movies! More pics to come :)

Alien Queen

“The Phoenix” Artwork

“His mind, now sluggish with blood loss, gave one last thought before his brain finally ceased operations: ‘I want to live again. Please.’”

Art done for my friend, Salem, for his character concept and story he’s submitting to White Wolf Publishing. To be in color soon!

The Phoenix

Hoodie Contest Design!

Octopus Ink Studios needs your help!! So I decided to re-work Marilyn Zombie (again) and it could be the next hoodie design on threadless! But we need your votes to win, so click on the link to vote to help us out! Thanks so much, you guys :)

–> <–

zombie monroe t shirt watermark




Coming soon to the Toledo Museum of Art!!

Recently found out that three of our digital artwork pieces have accepted for the Toledo Museum of Art’s “Zeroes and Ones” Exhibit! The pieces included are Sherlock, Zombie Marilyn, and Battle of the Charizards! I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to revise some of my older works. The newly revised pieces will be in the exhibit. Here are Marilyn’s revisions (old on left, new on right) where I gave her some much-needed improvements :)

Zombie Marilyn comparisonsMost notable difference is I brightened the color and boosted the contrast. But I also revised her hair, so it’s smoother and more natural. The arm bone was bothering me for the longest time because I thought it was too small, so I made it much larger. I also added more shading and color around the eyes. This was one of my first pieces I ever did, and I hope you’ll agree that the much-needed improvements make it look better :)

“Zeroes and Ones” is a showcase of local digital artists and will be displayed in the community gallery, accompanying the “Art of Video Games” exhibit. It will run from May 19th-Sept. 18 2014. Come check out our amazing work in person!!