New Sculpy Dragon available on Etsy!

This little Dice Guarding Dragon is now available for purchase on our Etsy page! Check it out!! —>

Blue Dice Dragon


Our favorite high-functioning sociopath is the subject of our newest artwork!


Charizard Pokemon Battle!

Newest Replay of Toledo print. Get yours now!

Charizard Battle

Super sculpy commish 2


Super sculpy commish


Pack Rat Tokens!!

Upon the Moon

30″x40″ Acrylic and canvas

Artist: Stu Worm

Upon the Moon


Newest zombie celebrity: Zombie Audrey Hepburn!

Check it out! Available shortly on our Etsy and both Replay of Toledo locations!

Zombie Audrey Hepburn

Octopus Ink Studios

Slave Leia Painting

Acrylic on canvas, 24×30

Original artist:
Slave Leia